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Advocare V-16 Energy Drink.

V16 Energy Drink is perfect for anyone looking for a Caffeine Free Energy Drink that provides long lasting energy.

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What does this V16 Energy Drink Provide?

Long Lasting Energy - Effervescent Powder - Based on an herbal adaptogen formula used for years by Russia's top athletes, V16 energy drink turns a glass of water into a quick pick me up beverage that leaves you feeling refreshed and awake within minutes.
28 pouches per carton

  • Long-lasting energy and mental focus
  • A unique blend of adaptogens and nutrients in a caffeine-free, effervescent formula
  • Enhances your body's natural energy production processes

What Does it Do?

Maintaining energy levels and mental clarity throughout the day has become an increasingly difficult challenge. V16 energy drink is a unique combination of adaptogens, vitamins, nutrients, and a balanced blend of B-vitamins in a caffeine-free, effervescent formula designed to provide quick energy and mental focus.*

Caffeine Free Energy Drink

Works well with rehydrate, catalyst, and MNS Max Energy.

What's in Advocare V-16 Energy Drink?

Key Ingredients:
Golden Root| Leuzea Extract| Schisandra Extract| Vitamin B-6| Vitamin B-12| Thiamine| Folic Acid| Niacin| Vitamin K| Biotin|

Advocare V-16 is Perfect For:

Someone who has difficulty keeping energy levels up

Someone who is sensitive to caffeine

Someone looking for improved general health

Someone looking for an edge in your sport or exercise program

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