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Advocare SLAM Energy Drink.

Slam Energy Drink is perfect for anyone looking for a Sugar Free Energy Drink. It comes in a portable can and works fast.

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What does this Energy Drink Provide?

  • High-Powered Portable Energy Source*
  • Quick and easy
  • Sugar-free

What Does it Do?

Slam is a powerful, portable energy supplement in a tiny, 2 fl. oz. bottle.* Its unique combination of energy-producing nutrients and support for neural processes make it a perfect fit for the person on the go.* And with no sharp drop-off or energy crash, it's great for hours of energy.

  • Available in Power Punch and Octane Orange
  • High-powered, portable energy source
  • Sustained energy without jitters

Portions are easy to control with Slam, so you can drink the whole energy bottle or half if you prefer. It's also quick and easy to consume in two amazing flavors. Whether you are a college student, a professional driver, an employee with a deadline or just a person on a road trip who needs to stay-awake and focused, Slam is the perfect choice when quick, convenient results are a must.* And unlike many other energy shots you may find at retail stores, Slam actually tastes great!
12 Servings Per Carton Goes well with rehydrate, catalyst, carbease, mns max energy or mns max appetite.

Sugar Free Energy Drink

What's in Advocare Slam Energy Drink?

Key Ingredients:
Glycine| GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid)| L-tyrosine|

Advocare Slam Energy Drink is Perfect For:

Someone who is always on the go and needs a fast-acting energy boost

Someone who is looking to facilitate workout performance, enhance sports performance and increase endurance

Employees working with tight deadlines

College students pulling all-nighters

Recreational and professional road warriors

Travelers coping with jet lag

More About SLAM Sugar Free Energy Drink Ingredients

B-vitamins (B-6, B-12, niacin, pantothenic acid and folic acid) - B-vitamins are water-soluble vitamins that help us produce and sustain our own energy. As we age, we gradually begin to lose the ability to absorb vitamin B-12. Research has shown that high levels of vitamin B-12 encourage the body to increase its absorption. Vitamin B-12 also helps maintain mental performance and aid in energy production.

Taurine - Taurine is an amino acid that provides quick energy without over stimulating the body. Betaine - This ingredient plays a role in metabolic processes through donation of a methyl group (one carbon metabolism).

Carnitine - L-Carnitine is essential for the transport of fatty acids into the cellular organelle, mitochondrion, for conversion into energy by oxidation.

Betaine - This ingredient plays a role in metabolic processes through donation of a methyl group (one carbon metabolism).

Caffeine - Advocare Slam Energy Drink has about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee.

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