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Sam Merrick
Advocare Independent Distributor
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Personal Opinions

These are my thoughts on the products. If you don't see a product listed then I either haven't got around to putting it on here or I haven't taken it. I probably know someone who has and can offer their story if you are interested. You can contact me at for more info. There is a reason Advocare has about 70 products..each is a little different and designed to do different things.

Advocare Catalyst - Amino acid supplement that helps you look cut and burns fat. I typically take catalyst twice a day for a total of 6 capsules. Catalyst Review

Advocare Pro 20 - This is a new product that I really like. It gives you 20 grams of protein in a small 3oz bottle that you can easily just take with you to the gym. It tastes really good and it's almost like a meal. I drink it right before my workouts and I've been able to see the results in both my workouts and muscle gained.

Advocare Muscle Fuel - Muscle Fuel is a must for anyone who works out. Your workouts will be amazing when you take this supplement. You drink it 20 minutes before your workout and just expect to get amazing results. There are days where I want to be lazy so I purposely don't take Muscle Fuel as I don't want to workout that hard.

Advocare Muscle Strength - I use Muscle Strength when I want to put on size over a period of time...say maybe 3 months. It allows you to lift heavier weights...I don't really understand how that is possible but I know when I take it that I can. If I have a goal of putting on size in 3 months then I make sure I have some muscle strength around the house.

Advocare Muscle Gain - advocare protein supplement, pre digested quality protein. Much better than the cheaper versions which can leave you gassy and with very little absorption.

Advocare Nighttime Recovery - I use Nighttime Muscle Recovery right before I go to bed on days where I work out. Sometimes, I use it when I just want a really good night of rest as it helps me sleep better at night. I don't know if that will be the case for everyone but for me it is. Nighttime Muscle Recovery really helps me the next day. Rarely, am I ever to sore to lift and my muscles really feel strong the next day instead of worn down.

Advocare Post Workout Recovery - I use Post Workout Muscle Recovery Shakes right after my workout. I try to drink them as soon as possible after working out. Post Workout Recovery Shakes really help me to put on size and add strength. That's the biggest area that I can see a difference in my body. I tend to use this supplement only once or twice a week depending on how hard I work out and what my body feels like. I like the chocolate flavor best. My full Review.

Weight Loss Products

Advocare MNS Max C - I have used this supplement at certain times of the year and I can definitely tell a difference in my cravings. I used it recently during the holidays to help control what I eat.

Advocare MNS Max E- This is the version of the MNS system that I personally take. It's just a part of my daily ritual and I like the extra energy and nutrition it provides. It's simple to follow as long as you eat breakfast and lunch.

Advocare Carb-Ease Supplement - Carb-Ease Plu has been beneficial for me and I reccomend using this supplement on any meal that you think will exceed your normal intake of carbs and fats. I like to keep a few in my car and the bottle by my kitchen table for those meals that are high in carbs and fats. Great for Saturday and Sunday football watching parties.

Catalyst Amino Acid Supplement- Catalyst is one of my favorite products. I use it right before every workout and usually at least once more throughout the day. The effect on your muscles is amazing. You will look more cut and maximize your workouts. It is essential for weight loss and workouts. Just remember to take it with a full glass of water and on an empty stomach.

Energy Drinks

Advocare Spark Energy Drink - I use this product because it helps me stay focused on whatever I'm doing. Whether it is working out or working the 9 to 5 job. I feel like I can concentrate and perform better. Read my Full Review of Spark.

Advocare Rehydrate Sports Drink - I use this product because it helps me stay hydrated not only during my workout but throughout the day.

It is great during the summer and winter to keep your body replenished and strong.

I like the fruit punch flavor the best.

Advocare Coffecino- I like to drink Coffecino on mornings where I want a coffee flavor or on days where I have lots of meetings. I feel it just lifts my energy level a little more than usual.

Advocare V-16 Energy Drink - a supplement that you take at night right before bedtime

Wellness Products

Advocare Bio Tools - I've been using the Bio Tools for the past 6 months and I just feel like my body is getting stronger. Not from a muscle standpoint but from a core standpoint. I get less aches and pains and just feel a little younger. And I really didn't feel a difference until month 3.

Advocare Vitamin C Supplement - I take the Vitamin C Supplement: C-Grams regularly and I think it really helps my immune system and makes sure I get all the vitamin C that I need.

Advocare Calcium Plus Supplement - I take the Calcium Supplement: Calcium Plus because I'm not a milk drinker and I just want to make sure I get the right amount of calcium that my body and my bones need.

Advocare OmegaPlex Supplement - I take the Omega Supplement: OmegaPlex regularly as I believe in the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids and I think that OmegaPlex is a high quality supplement providing this.*

Health Products

Advocare Prostate Support Supplement - support prostate health with this supplement.

Advocare Digest-Ease Supplement - Digest-Ease is a great way to make sure you are absorbing other vitamins and supplements and really helps me with spicy foods.

Advocare ImmunoGuard Supplement- I use ImmunoGuard during flu seasons and anytime I know that a lot of people I know are getting sick. I rarely get sick anyway but when the flu or colds are prominent, I like to boost my immune system with ImmunoGuard.

Advocare Meal Replacement Bars and Shakes - these bars and shakes make excellent nutritious meals