Advocare Nutrient Glossary

Nutrient Glossary


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N-Acetylcysteine: N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) is a thiolic antioxidant. It exhibits a wide range of cellular effects. NAC modulates cytokine levels in immune cells and stimulates macrophage functions. NAC is a precursor for glutathione synthesis and stimulates cytosolic enzyme activities involved in the glutathione cycle, such as glutathione reductase, which enhances the rate of glutathione regeneration. It can act by direct reaction between its reducing thiol group and reactive oxygen species. NAC prevents programmed cell death (apoptosis) in cultured neuronal cells. NAC increases mitochondrial complex I and IV specific activities both in vitro and in vivo in synaptic mitochondrial preparations from aged mice. Glutathione, the principal thiolic compound in the cell, plays a key role in cellular homeostasis since its loss is accompanied by cell death because of lipid peroxidation and protein-thiol decline. NAC delays age-associated memory impairment in mice. It plays a role in increasing the function of synaptic mitochondria. It also protects against age-related decline of oxidative phosphorylation in the liver mitochondria of mice. In one study, NAC significantly reduced the levels of plasma homocysteine in human subjects.

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