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Some Success Stories From People Using Advocare

Advocare offers a variety of nutritional supplements that help people to lose weight, have more energy, or just feel better. I've compiled some of the success stories and posted them below for you to view.

Mark Truvillion - Advocare

Mark Truvillion had struggled for years to put on muscle even after he earned his certification in exercise physiology...then he found Advocare. After, 5 and a half months of working out, Mark was able to put on 18 pounds of lean muscle and then began body building.

Michael O'Rourke

Michael increased his muscle mass by 25 pounds and dropped his body fat from 12% to 6% in just nine months while using the products in college.

Bob Daily

Bob lost 85 pounds and went from a 52 inch waist to a 34 inch waist in only four months. After nine months, he had lost more than 100 pounds.

Tricia Cubias

Tricia first learned of Advocare in Jan of 2004 when she weighed 450 pounds. She didn't commit to the products and by the fall of 2004 she weighed in at 550 pounds and was suffering health problems. As of July 2009 she had lost 292 pounds.

Stacy and Brian Metz

Stacy and Brian Metz have lost a total of 70 pounds and have learned to value their health.

Mke Maples

Mike has lost more than 100 pounds on the ADvocare products.