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Advocare ONE/80 3 part System.

Introducing the AdvoCare ONE/80™, a 3-part system designed to fuel your transformation and develop lifelong healthy habits

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These products are shipped directly from AdvoCare while websites such as Ebay and Amazon sell AdvoCare products from unauthorized sellers. When you buy from Ebay and Amazon, you don't know exactly what you are getting.

Note: Buying one/80 from the advocare website directly (here) allows the opportunity to become a preferred customer and ensures that you are receiving products that are not expired. You may find cheaper prices on Amazon or Ebay but there is no guarantee that those products are not expired and you won't have the opportunity to save on future orders.

What is the ONE/80 System?

The AdvoCare ONE/80 is a 3 part system to transform you and develop lifelong healthy habits.

Days 1-24 = 24 Day JumpStart - The 24-Day Jumpstart™ is designed to fuel a fresh start and help set you on the path to a healthy lifestyle. You will begin with a 10-day Cleanse Phase to help prepare your body for optimal nutrition, then complete the 14-Day Max Phase where you will start to develop a routine of fueling your body with quality supplementation and a healthy, balanced diet.

Days 25-52 = 28 Day Optimize - Building off of what you’ve learned during the 24-Day Jumpstart™, you’ll continue to work towards your goals and incorporate AdvoCare products into a healthy routine. The 28-Day Optimize™ keeps it simple with the same product routine each day, flexible food choices, and daily activity so that it’s sustainable and easy to adjust based on your specific goals and needs. Don’t let life get in the way of your goals – stick with it and continue on your journey towards a better you.

Days 53-80 = 28-Day LifeStyle - In our day-to-day lives, habits can often be tough to build. Distractions can often lead us back into our old ways. The 28-Day Lifestyle™ is a commitment to making a true transformation by sticking with the healthy habits you have learned up to this point and working towards a long-term routine. The final 28-days of the AdvoCare ONE/80™ can help you achieve optimal results with hard work, commitment and perseverance, but it’s just the beginning of a better, healthier life

80+ Days - 80 days is not the end, but the beginning to your new healthy lifestyle. Continue to reinforce the habits developed during the AdvoCare ONE/80™, including:

  • Eating a well-balanced diet of lean proteins, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and other healthy snacks with sensible portion sizes and proper hydration
  • Incorporating exercise and physical activity as part of your daily routine
  • Managing stress and focusing on quality sleep
  • Using dietary supplements to fill nutritional gaps, promote energy and weight management*

What Does the ONE-80 System Provide besides products?

  • Coaching Emails
  • Transformational Journal
  • Grocery Guide
  • Measurement Sheet
  • Progress Pictures