Advocare Mass Impact

Mass Impact

Give Your Workouts a Real Kick with mass impact.

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  • Creatine
  • Sustamine
  • Amino Acids

What does the Mass Impact Supplement Provide?

  • Aids in muscle building
  • Supports muscle performance
  • Helps increase physical endurance
  • Informed-Choice Certified
  • Easily usable with other AdvoCare products

What Does it Do?

Mass Impact is a sports performance product that supports muscle building for performance athletes as well as those looking to prevent muscle breakdown through three ingredients


Creatine is found naturally in the body, with about 95 percent of it found in skeletal muscle. Large amounts of creatine are lost during intense workouts, so in order to build muscle mass, it is important to replace creatine. Since creatine is primarily obtained through meat sources and it's inadvisable to consume large quantities of meat at one time, Mass Impact supplies the creatine you need. *+ Mass Impactâ„¢ helps maintain ATP levels for cellular energy and to preserve muscle glycogen, which promotes muscle mass, volume and strength.*


This powerful ingredient supports rehydration, energy replenishment and muscle recovery.* Research shows that Sustamine supplementation results in improved performance and promotes protein synthesis, inhibiting muscle breakdown and reducing muscle tissue damage.* Sustamine also improves water and electrolyte absorption.*

Other Amino Acids

Several other amino acids found in Mass Impactâ„¢ help optimize fat cell and muscle tissue communication to promote muscle leanness, activating cell signaling pathways for muscle growth.* They also contribute to muscle repair and strength, and assist in hydration.*

Directions for taking Advocare Mass Impact?

Shake or stir the contents of one slightly rounded scoop into 8 fluid ounces of water or the beverage of your choice. For enhanced athletic performance*, consume on an empty stomach 30 minutes before exercise. May consume up to three servings per day.