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Advocare 10 Day Herbal Cleanse System

Supports healthy weight management with this 10 Day Supply from Advocare.

Buy Now $36.95 for 10 day supply

What Does the Cleanse Provide?

The AdvoCare Herbal Cleanse system can help rid your body of waste and prepare the body for optimal nutrient absorption with its unique blend of herbal ingredients.* Using a systematic approach, this 10-day system guides you through the daily steps for thorough internal cleansing and improved digestion.*

Each Herbal Cleanse box includes these two key products: ProBiotic Restore™ capsules and Herbal Cleanse tablets. For the complete system, combine use of these two products with AdvoCare® Fiber (also sold separately) for the duration of the 10 days.

Although not specifically designed for weight management, some people who use Herbal Cleanse for the first time may experience a reduction in pounds and/or inches when they pair the system with a healthy, well-balanced diet and exercise.*

Tips for the Advocare Herbal Cleanse?

  • Consume a well-balanced, healthy diet while taking Herbal Cleanse
  • Follow a diet rich in whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid fried, heavy foods and junk food
  • Do not take thermogenics (MNS® color packets, ThermoPlus® or AdvoCare Slim®) when using Herbal Cleanse