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Advocare FAQs

These products are shipped directly from AdvoCare while websites such as Ebay and Amazon sell AdvoCare products from unauthorized sellers. When you buy from Ebay and Amazon, you do not know exactly what you are getting.

We have created this faq page based on the most popular questions that I get about the products, the company, and the business opportunity. We have divided them up into sections below starting with the company.

Advocare Company FAQs

Why can I not buy Advocare in a store like GNC?
The founder of Advocare, Charlie Ragus created Advocare to be a direct sales company back in 1993. His goal was to provide anyone the opportunity to both take fantastic nutritional supplements and have an opportunity to make a 2nd income.

Is Advocare a pyramid scheme?
No Advocare is a direct sales company. Pyramid companies are illegal and Advocare has been around since 1993 and has sports stars such as Drew Brees endorsing them. They also sponsor bowl games and Nascar races...a pyramid company could not do this.

How is Advocare any different than any other supplement company?
We can not speak about every other company out there but Advocare has been in existence since 1993 and has continuously been endorsed by some of the top athletes and olympic athletes in the world. Their Sci/Med board features some of the top doctors around the world.

FAQ about Advocare Business Opportunity

How many products do I have to buy every month once I sign up?
You do not have to buy any products on a monthly or yearly basis with your membership. It is similar to a Costco membership in that how much you buy and save is completely up to you.

How do I get 40% commission?
You must purchase $2,000 worth of retail products at one time (about $1,400 out of your pocket) or gross $2000 worth of products sold and consumed over a 1-6 pay periods. Accumulate $2,000 in Personal/Group Volume (P/GV), including at least $500 in Personal Volume, in one to six (1-6) consecutive Pay Periods

Accumulate $3,000 in Personal/Group Volume (P/GV), including at least $500 in Personal Volume, in twenty-four (24) consecutive Pay Periods*

How much money can I make with Advocare?
There is no limit on the amount of money you can make with Advocare. Currently, there are members making over $100,000 each month and growing.

But realistically, how much can I make?
This depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put into it. If you treat this as a true business and set aside time each day to talk to people and sell products then you can have a full time income. If you, think you can just sign up and do nothing then that is what you will get out of it.

Will I get help?
Absolutely. I am here to help you as well as my entire team. We do not compete against each other for sales. The top distributors in Advocare also provide many free trainings, webinars, and more. Again, if you want to learn then there will be an unlimited amount of info for you.

Does the person who I signed up under make all the money?
No. It is very easy to earn more money than your sponsor. Your income is based on products sold and the amount your team sells. When you sell a product at the 40% commission level then you make that 40% commission. Advocare may pay bonuses to your sponsor based on total sales but you will always be in a position to gain a higher bonus and commmission check.

What are the discount levels?
The discount levels are: 20%, 25%, 30%, and 40%.

How do I sell Advocare Products?
You have to become a member of Advocare and choose which commission level you would like to join at. For more information on this please see the Advocare Discount Page.

What is an Advocare Advisor?
This is the highest discount level and earning potential level in Advocare. At this level you earn income 5 ways: wholesale commissions, retail commissions, rookie bonuses, overrides, and leadership bonuses. See our Advocare Advisor page for more info.

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Advocare Product FAQs

Are Advocare products FDA approved?
No. The FDA does not approve any nutritional supplements so that is impossible to achieve.

My personal trainer says that there are some ingredients in these products I should not take
Is your personal trainer a nutritionist or a doctor at a respected university that is constantly studying cutting edge technology and speaking at conferences around the world? Simply taking classes on nutrition or reading a few articles does not make someone an expert. At the end of the day, it is your choice if you want to take Advocare products but just know that most trainers, doctors, and gym rats do not spend their days studying nutrition. They spend them working. If you have a question about an ingredient then take it to your pharmacist. Most doctors have not had a nutrition class in years, if ever.

Can I just diet and exercise. Why do I need these products?
My guess is that you have tried dieting and exercise and it has not worked. You do need to try and eat a healthy diet and all of Advocare products are designed to work with food. Do not starve yourself or skip meals. Proper exercise is also important and you need to see your doctor if you are just starting an exercise program after not exercising for awhile.

These product are expensive. I can get the same thing at Wal Mart for half the price.
Let us agree that it is not going to be the same thing. There are cheaper nutritional supplements who use cheaper ingredients. You get what you pay for. Also, you can become an Advocare member and save 20% on your products immediately.

Do I have to take Advocare for the rest of my life?
Obviously, you do not have to do anything. But, if these products make you look better, feel better and perform better then why wouldn't you keep taking them? How many things do you put in your body every day that do none of those things?

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