Advocare Advisor Opportunity

Advocare Advisor is for Business Builders

Become an Advisor for less!

You can become an advisor once you accrue orders totaling at least $2,000 in retail including at least $500 in Personal Volume, in twenty-four (24) consecutive Pay Periods. The best way to become an advisor is to simply place a $2,000 retail order and you immediately reach the advisor level and the 40% discount level. As long as you pay your yearly membership fee of $50, you will always be at the 40% level. The $2,000 retail order will cost you approximately $1400 depending on sales tax and whether you will be paying shipping costs because you will get the products at a discount but get credit for the retail amount.

What's so Great about the Advisor Level?

First, you get the highest level discount on your products: 40% and that means you get the highest level of commission: 40%. You can buy products at your discount and then sell them at retail price...thus making 40% on each product sold. But, you also earn income 4 other ways! Besides retail profits, you earn income with wholesale commissions, overrides, bonuses, and incentives.

What are Wholesale Commissions?

As an Advocare advisor you have the opportunity to sponsor other distributors and earn between 5-20% commission on every product that they sell. Advocare pays 40% commission on retail sales so if you sponsor someone who joins at the 20% discount level, everytime they sell a product they will make 20% commission but you will also make 20% commmission to total 40%. If they are at the 25% discount level then you will earn 15% and so on. This is a great reason to get to that 40% level as Advocare is going to pay out that 40% and if you did the work to sell the product then why wouldn't you want your entire 40%?

What are Overrides?

Advisors are eligible to earn overrides. Overrides are paid on your business volume under any Advisors on your team...3 levels deep. Advocare pays 7%! Business volume is 50% of the retail price. For instance, to achieve a $105 override you would need to have 1) at least one advisor under you, 2) $3000 of retail volume under that advisor - which means they have sold/ordered $3000 worth of products, 3) That $3000 retail equals $1500 in business volume and you get paid 7% of that which equals $105. Remember, these overrides are on top of any retail commissions or wholesale commissions you are already earning!

Leadership Bonuses

Advocare pays leadership bonuses on top of retail profits, wholesale commissions, and overrides. You see the power of getting paid 5 ways? Leadership bonuses are paid out at 3% - 19.5% at the highest levels. These leadership bonuses are paid out based on your business volume which is again 50% of retail volume under any advisors. So, you will earn that override of $105 in the above example plus you will earn a leadership bonus of 3% which would give you an extra $45 on that pay check. All of these are paid on each pay check...2 weeks!

Incentive Trips and Bonuses

Advoare also offers incentive trips every year through contests where only Advisors are eligible. These are 5 star quality trips to great places like New Zealand and Hawaii.

Rookie Bonuses

Thinking of beocming an Advisor? Well, here is one more reason you should...rookie bonuses! Twice a month, Advocare awards rookie bonuses to the top rookie advisors. Accumulate $3,000 in Personal/Group Volume (P/GV) during your first one to six (1-6) Pay Periods. For purposes of the Rookie Bonus Program only, this accumulation includes: 1. Registered Retail customer purchases placed directly through your Distributor Website 2. New downline Distributor Volume during the qualification period*